Accompaniment dedicated to developing people's potential

Unlike coaching, it is based on the transfer of knowledge and experience from the mentor.


During the mentoring process, the mentee is guided, stimulated, and challenged, to achieve their goals, develop their strengths, and boost their talent.


These services, just like coaching, are based on the believe and conviction that the client has got all necessary resources. Mentoring will explore, with special attention and care, the goals the client wants to achieve, their current situation, their potential options, obstacles, opportunities, etc. Then, both mentor and mentee can design a solution that guides the steps to follow in between sessions, until achieving the ultimate goal.

If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, I would spend six sharpening the axe.

Deciding what the best solution is, which steps to follow, and actually taking them, will ultimately be the client’s responsibility.

Teresa was the Coach of my Team in the frame of the Safran University Executive Program I benefited from in 2020-2021. Through this project we work on Safran Employee Experience at the request of Safran Senior Management.


Teresa brings an unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience in many different fields. She was instrumental in guiding us without directing us. She was always available to provide feedback on ideas, documents and to attend our many remote meetings. She helped us making sure to explore different paths and consider other ways but without ever imposing her own view or trying to influence our decision.

Throughout our project, she has truly demonstrated her interest and passion to coach people and make them grow for their own personal and professional benefit.

Stephane Rollin
Managing Director Safran Landing Systems Services UK

Let me be your mentor

I have the experience and scope needed to help you decide where you want to go; and help you find the necessary resources and capacities within you, so that you can get there.