Knowledge of oneself

In certain processes and situations, having tools available that help you get to know a person more in depth can provide a great value to the coaching, mentoring, and career advising process.


Depending on the client’s goals, supported by the B5 and F60 tools of Human Content, these services can have a bigger impact.


The Personality Inventory B5-PLUS facilitates a highly precise evaluation based on the internationally recognised Five Factor Model.

It provides a holistic view of each person with precise information.

From all possible types of knowledge, the wisest and most useful one is knowing oneself.

B5-PLUS Personality Inventory

The strength of this tool and the benefits it provides are based, amongst others, on two very important pillars:

Its solid ethical foundation

Ethics are on the base of its development. A clear example of the creators' commitment with an ethical approach is the recognition that the organisation and the people's needs are equally important, which ensures the best results for both.

Its solid scientific foundation

B5-PLUSTM has been developed empirically following advice from the personality trait evaluation research environment. The tool provides precise and practical information of great scientific rigour about each individual's unique personality.


B5-PLUS and F60 can be highly interesting to:


In their performance improvement.
Deciding the next step in their professional career.


Improvement in team dynamics and performance.
Improvement in interpersonal relationships.


Reorganisation processes.
Selection processes.

I used B5-PLUS during a time I wanted to know which skills I would be able to highlight in a time of change in my career and personal life. I loved seeing how the results were aligned with the perception I had of myself, which helped me gain confidence and composure when making decisions. I believe in myself and bet on my own decisions. Self-knowledge is a very powerful tool both at a personal and a professional level; it helps you find your way and be a bit happier. This tool helped me move forward in my self-knowledge.

Since then, I have felt a before-and-after when it comes to my attitude at work. I am more aware of how I develop different tasks and projects, which allows me to organise, prioritise, and implement things much more efficiently. Additionally, I have also noticed a significant improvement in my team management skills, since all this self-knowledge translates into a contagious tranquility.

Carmela Pérez
Business Development Manager

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