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International and multisectoral experience

Throughout my career, I have had the chance to work with clients from different countries and numerous sectors.

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Teresa van Oorschot

Specialist in executive coaching

I started a professional journey more than a decade ago. As a coach, this journey has taken me to support clients from all over the world and work with organisations of different sizes and sectors: from multinationals, to public organisations; including startups, business schools, and executives from the highest level. Previously, I had worked as a consultant for mass consumption. This has helped me acquire a privileged 360º view of the company world. My professional experience is complemented with solid training in business and coaching.
I had the chance to work with Teresa as part of my education within the Executive Program at Safran University. Teresa was my team's coach for the project, as well as my coach for personal development. I really liked working with her. [...] I enjoyed an excellent and very valuable experience, thanks to her professionalism, systemic approach, and communication skills.
Zahira Bouaouda
President of Matis Aerospace

Coaching based on values

My working method places people and professional ethics in the centre of everything.

Whom are my services for?

Executive coaching, individual and for teams.

I offer a coaching methodology that is adaptable to all types of clients. Regardless of your sector, professional experience, or the country you are working in, you will find the service that best suits you without a doubt. Be it individually or as part of a team, my role is to make your desire to change and improve come true.

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