People and their potential are always in the heart of my work.

The answer lies within you

Let us find it together

I believe, although I should probably say know since I see it at work everyday, that every person is a full being with a great potential and capacity to achieve whatever they want to achieve.

I believe in people empowerment. I believe that each of us has got the best solution and can access it with the right conditions. These conditions are respect, trust, lack of judgement, and absence of constraints and filters from the coach.

Coaching is based on letting the coachee explore and decide without limiting them. In my job I can observe how when you are loyal to the coaching principles, people grow and find their answers to two important questions:

What do you want?

What are you going to do to get it?


Their answers to those questions are always better and more powerful than any I could offer them.

My main pillar is this one, always. Even in services where my clients could expect my advice or opinion, such as in mentoring or career advising.

I prefer to create a space for reflection and exploration; be able to define the problem or challenge well, and explore the alternatives. The bigger the participation of the client, the better the definition of the solution is, and the easier and more successful its implementation and final result will be.

I trully believe in my clients potential and that if they have the space and freedom to reflect, they will always find the best solutions to their challenges.

What I do is to simply work with them and make the conditions suitable for them to find it.

Respect, trust, empathy, active listening and confidentiality are the values that guide my services.