The common good

Team coaching follows a similar methodology to individual coaching; the difference being various people work simultaneously to achieve a common goal. The coach does not guide or advise. The coach offers accompaniment to help define a shared common goal; followed by a shared action plan to achieve it.


Nobody is perfect, but a team can be.

Accompainment for teams to achieve their goals:

Team dynamics:
Performance improvement

Goal achievement

Project facilitation

Conflict management


Contradictions need to arise in organisations. Business success history is full of examples of couples of a visionary and a manager. They have very different roles, sometimes even opposed, but that complement each other.

Organisations need people who lead the way and others who finish the work paying attention to detail. They need people persons and people with good math skills. The sales department will be focused on the clients, but sometimes they might commit to the impossible and the operations department will have to handle these commitments -some departments focused on quality and others on budgeting. This will happen probably more than once, and with a lot of effort. A paradox.

As part of their success, organisations constantly have in their DNA paradoxes and oppositions that need to be balanced. These inevitably take us to conflict.

Having the systems that help bring different positions closer and facilitate an understanding between parties with (apparent) opposite missions, will be another key for success.


Let’s work together

Enhance your team with a coach specialised in goal-oriented work, performance improvement, and problem management, to help you develop your collective potential.