Leadership development

We constantly face situations that can be described as problems, challenges, or opportunities. Having the time to stop, reflect, and decide what is important and how to tackle these situations is essential. Executive coaching creates a space for reflection helping to determine priorities and explore options, with the aim of choosing the best steps to take.

The only constant is change


Change is constantly happening, and what was useful before might no longer be. Our priorities change and there are new expectations from us. We live in a time where situations can often bring vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity or ambiguity. We constantly need to decide what steps to take and what to do. However, we not always invest enough time in the process, since urgent things leave no time for the important ones. Executives need to adapt to change depending on their responsibilities and context. Coaching helps reflect on it and draw an action plan to achieve it.

The challenges we face during a coaching process are of various natures, but can be classified into three big groups.

New projects or responsibilities

New challenges and work opportunities, problems or demanding projects; new roles, teams...

Career Plan

What path do I want to follow, what are my next steps, how will I achieve it.

Quality of Life

How to improve my motivation at work and balance my personal, family, and professional life.

Teresa is a talented coach with a lot of empathy and a thoughtful approach to helping me work through professional challenges. I particularly benefit from the way in which she takes me through the thinking process in a structured way that feels like a chat with a good friend. After a session with Teresa, I always feel as though she has turned a key in my mind, which has unlocked my understanding and made the way forward clear.

Dr Lauren Liss
Senior Manager, Germany


To carry out their role properly and enjoy their job, executives have or develop skills that are needed. Without these skills, difficult situations can arise, including even a lack of motivation.

These skills include a vast range of competences that can be grouped in three points.

Strategic vision

It includes aspects relating to your medium and long term business vision, and the need to bring yourself up to date.

Managing oneself, self-knowledge

Self-control, time management, stress management, and the balance between work and personal and family life.

Interaction with other people

People in executive positions are constantly interacting with other people. From bosses to colleagues at the same level, people on their team, clients, suppliers, competitors...

All these aspects are needed in order to carry out your role, obtain good results, and enjoy your work; which is just as important, since it occupies a significant part of your time and life.

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